Prayer meeting

Our big aim at Euston Area Talks is that everyone who works in this area would
come face to face with the good news about Jesus - no small task! Often just doing
our jobs well and being godly in the office are hard enough.  We need to pray for
God's help as we serve Him.

Prayer Clusters: Many of us involved in the work in the area meet in little groups called
prayer clusters. There will almost certainly be a cluster meeting near you at a time that
is convenient for you - email
for more information or to join a group. 


                                 Bible studies and Training courses

Another way to get involved is to join one of our smaller groups (usually 4 or 5 people)
which meet at various times and places in the area to support each other as we live
and speak as servants of Jesus in our workplaces. Some groups study the Bible together;
others meet to pray, or read a Christian book.

We are also happy to help resource you in running workplace Christian groups.



We try not to speak about money very much at the lunchtime talks as we want your colleagues to feel welcome and relaxed there. With venue hire, staff costs and other incidentals the lunchtime talks have an annual cost of £17,000. Almost 50% is covered by regular givers. The shortfall is generously made up by our friends at Euston Church, for which we are very grateful. However, so they can extend and continue their ministry, we hope to significantly reduce that deficit. 

See here for a giving form, or contact the treasurer, Joel Lane-Smith on

For more information on any of the above contact Audrey Patterson by email.