Meet the team:

Kev Murdoch:

Kev worked as a solicitor in London for several years before going into full time ministry. He leads the work at  the Euston Area Talks as part of his role as minister of Euston Church. He’s a Scot but you wouldn’t necessarily be able to tell just by listening to him. Kev is married to Laura and they have a son, Rory, who clearly despairs of his parents' love of selfies!                                                                                                                                               

Audrey Patterson:

Audrey Patterson is from Northern Ireland and studied English law in Scotland. She has been the women’s worker at Euston Area Talks since they began in 2009, and splits her time between the women there and at the Covent Garden Talks. She is married to Campbell (yes, that's his first name) who enjoys the fact that cooking makes her this happy! Audrey is currently on maternity leave but will be praying for the work in the area from the comfort of her baby's nursery at 3am!